Ivan Musoke

Here's To You

My Net’s acting up again.The last time something like that happened I typed anatomy of a strike…(its down there somewhere).”Oh Crap” I’m sure someone has muttered…actually knowing you lot,its not under your breath.You don’t mince words…we need guys like you telling Bush to **Content Removed By Blog Support**

Anywho,it certainly feels good to be back,I suppose the only thing that totally tops that is the fact that I am officially the second party in a relationship…I love how these things work out.Its amazing…and its also the kind of thing that would appear on Raymond’s blog…so none of that overly sentimental stuff here. Yes I am truly madly deeply in love and I am given to quoting lines from Boyz II Men tracks without really thinking about it,but that’s pretty much it. I would have to pay Raymond for biting his style a’la Blog Romance…

In an entirely different twist,I was planning to title this post Couple that Rocks,then I realised I would go with Raymond and Carlo for pulling a Bush-Blair attack on my blog..and then all sorts of questions would spring forth,”why wasn’t I there?”..and I can no longer use the excuse,”I didn’t think you used the net”…the last time I did that someone went ballistic (look everybody,big words!)…plus I also realised I was hoping to use it as leverage or sumthin’ so that the alliance that is Dee-Jay would bribe me to get featured…

I’m sorry these things stretch out so,I really am.I’m a lamer and I talk too much..but you know what?One of these days,you will figure I’m going on a rant and everything will be moving on great and out of nowhere,when you least expect it,I’ll just………..




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