Ivan Musoke

A Beautiful Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

I realise the title up there has given grounds for a major diss-fest,but hey what the heck?Oh wait…do I get to use words like heck?will the brilliant chaps that thought this whole new novel concept guaranteed to generate money from the ads…money we won’t see mind you…will those guys let me say heck?they did put me through heck to get here.can’t I freely wax it moronic and get away with it?Nope,dont think so,chances are a trend has been started…everyone will want a piece blogal domination or some asinine thing.Don’t get me wrong,I love this thing (here I go with more sucking up so my account doesn’t get deleted by the powers that be) its brilliant,now when i hit massive writer’s block (and i do that sometimes)I will have some place to vent my itsy bitsy tantrums…ah the beauty that is the wide world web….

I’m thinking (there’s something new for y’all,Good Lord,Ivan thinks!!!there’s one for the record books) this is the bit where I make like I owe my life to all and sundry,say thanks for being there….Dull and dreary as it is, I suppose a thank you of some sort would be in order…Seriously now,without y’all I wouldn’t have any one that would stand me,put up with the annoying requests(Raymond,Kaza…Darlyne,wait a sec.Darlyne???) take me totally unseriously (just about all of you,which you don’t realise will hasten my mid-life crisis…and rubbish any chances of a date actually). The fact is there are lots of you to thank.I’ve accumulated more friends over the years than J-Lo has developed any talent (sarcasm may be wasted on a few here) and if I haven’t mentioned you by name its because I dread the repurcussions…who knows who I’m going to refer here….

There,I’ve just robbed you of valuable surf time and quite possibly 3-5 minutes of your life that you will neverrecover telling you all the obvious,You are appreciated…not as much as I appreciate God’s goodness and love and all he has done for me,but you rank highly,each and everyone of you…hehe,what are the odds of me actually repeating those words in person??Higher chance having the pope turn moslem….Oh crap,certainly hope those Oh-So-Awesome guys running this site are not catholic…or Moslem….or worse…REPUBLICANS!




  1. you unrepented democrat heathen! sin #1: you’re a democrat, and i think in Catholic terms “it’s a deadly sin and no amount of penance can cleanse it”. sin #2: you forgot me! that is up there close to the first sin and only a very large amount of money will suffice to get you to heaven . . . well, at least part of you. good to have something interesting to read at least.

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